August 19, 2008

Ja sinä olet kuin heistä yksi

Runo X:lle.

Die Götter wandelten einst/Once there were gods

Jumalat kulkivat kerran maan päällä,
ihanat muusat, nuorukainen, Apollo,
parantavana ja innostavana,
ja sinä olet kuin heistä yksi
olisi lähetetty minulle
tänne elämän puolelle...

(Vapaamuotoinen ote Friedrich Hölderlin runosta)
'Once there were gods'

Once there were gods, on earth, with people, the heavenly muses
And Apollo, the youth, healing, inspiring, like you.
And you are like them to me, as though one of the blessed
Sent me out into life where I go my comrade's
Image goes with me wherever I suffer and build, with love
Unto death; for I learned this and have this from her.

Let us live, oh you who are with me in sorrow, with me in faith
And heart and loyalty struggling for better times!
For such we are! And if ever in the coming years they knew
Of us two when the spirit matters again
They would say: lovers in those days, alone, they created
Their secret world that only the gods knew. For who
Cares only for things that will die the earth will have them, but
Nearer the light, into the clarities come
Those keeping faith with the heart's love and holy spirit who were
Hopeful, patient, still, and got the better of fate.

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Homo Garrulus said...

Täällä Katajanokalla oppii sen, että muurien sisällä kävelee ensin vangit ja pian koko paikka on hotelli. Vapaita ovat muuraamaan. Sen ymmärtää skotlanninterrieri.