January 13, 2006

You (me) bloody bastard!

"Which Literary Archetype are You?" (via Anita Konkka: Sanat)


Aphrodite: The Seducer and the Advantager

You are, in essence, the great seducer. You never need to do anything; you are perfectly capable of making other people do it for you. You search for a life free of restraints, and have an openly sexual nature.
Seducers often find trouble starting a family, as they often find themselves playing the figurative mistress. Which is not to say that you are heartless; you are as kind as anyone, if a little self-centered.
But beware: this egocentricity can lead into the other side of the spectrum, The Advantager. Advantagers use their gift of persuasion to take advantage of people. They are the ones who lure the person into the back alley, kill them and take their money.
Both of these archetypes are often classified as loners, as they often repel friends with their persuasion and seduction.

A common Seducer/Advantager is Karl Denham (Jack Black) from King Kong. Denham uses his persuasive speaking to get people to do and think what he wants them to.

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