May 4, 2008


Tom Fogerty ensimmäisenä, John kolmantena vasemmalta. Kuva on Euroopan kiertueelta, Lontoo, huhtikuu/1970.

Tom on Fogertyn veljeksistä se tuntemattomampi. Mutta ei huono. Kaupallista menestystä hän ei kuitenkaan soolourallaan juuri sanut.
"Life Is But A Dream". Filmed At Fantasy Studios Berkely Calif1985
A video of Tom Fogerty (John Fogerty's brother) who played in CCR and then went on to do a solo career.The song played on this video is Joyful Ressurection by Tom Fogerty. Joyful Ressurection is featured on Zephyr National - 1974 .
Sireeraan eräitä ko. videon kolmea kommentaattoria:
I don't think so.. that's genetics you are picking up on. On occasion Tom did sing like John, with that growl.. mostly not though. I hear echos of John in this but not quite John, not quite as good.. but not bad at all.
btw. at 2:08, that's obviously Stu and Doug in the picture. Anyone else think that's John on the stool next to Tom? .. sure looks like him, plus the As cap- his team.
That is John in the picture thats the back of Zephyr National thats where this song came from. John played guitar on this album I don't know if he played lead or rythm but he did sing on it.
I actually met John Fogerty once, he really misses his brother and thinks if he had let him sing once and a while they would have made some really good hits. I think they would be better off if everyone helped out by choice, you always make better tracks that.
(No onpa John ollut avomielinen ja unohtanut aiemmat riidat lähes tyystin...)
Tom Fogerty discusses John Fogerty's songwriting in 1986. Rare. Creedence Clearwater Revival interest.

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