December 20, 2007

Tahto, Dionysos, kristillinen Jumala ja Nietzsche

Nietzsche And The Religion Of The Future

(Note 68)

Michael Allen Gillespie contends that Nietzsche’s “notion of the Dionysian is derived from the notion of the Christian God in ways Nietzsche does not altogether understand, in large part because he does not recognize his conceptual debt to the earlier Romantic idea of the Dionysian and the idealist conceptions of the will.

The Dionysian will to power is thus in fact a further development of the idea of the absolute will that first appeared in the nominalist notion of God and became a world-historical force with Fichte’s notion of the absolute I.

This means that God is not as dead for Nietzsche as he believes; only the rational element in God is dead, the element that was grafted onto the Christian God to temper his omnipotence.

Nietzsche’s Dionysus, to speak in Nietzsche’s own metaphorical language, is thus not an alternative to the Christian God but only his final and in a sense greatest modern mask.”

Nihilism Before Nietzsche (Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1995, xxi)

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