June 8, 2006

Jewish Domination of Modern Music

Text from:WHEN VICTIMS RULE. A CRITIQUE OF JEWISH PRE-EMINENCE IN AMERICA, Chapter 24, pt. 3 or Untitled Document

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Top rock act Creedence Clearwater Revival was effectively destroyed largely by its Jewish overseers. The group signed with Fantasy Records in 1964. In 1967 the company was bought by Jewish entrepreneur Saul Zaentz (he also produced the films One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Amadeus).

When CCR soon began a string of hit records, the group demanded a royalty increase, per a clause in their contract. Zaentz refused, but led the group to an acquaintance, an unscrupulous (and mob-linked) Jewish lawyer named Bruce Kanter, who developed a complicated scheme to secure the rock group's earnings in a much lower tax bracket. Kanter shifted much of Creedence's money into tax dodge companies created in the Bahamas; one such Kanter company was called King David Distributors, and later Sholom (Hebrew for peace) LTD. [BLOCK, A., p. 268-269]

As Alan Block notes:

"Over the years the Creedence Clearwater Revival repatriated much of their Castle [another Kanter-related firm] money by borrowing it from companies they actually owned, or thought they controlled, under Kanter's plan. Nevertheless, when Castle went bust it took $4 million of the group's and [leader singer/writer] John Fogerty's money.

Before that happened John Fogerty desperately tried to extricate himself from Castle and the Kanter grasp ... Fogerty was particularly angry with Saul Zaentz because he held him responsible for bringing the group into the Kanter scheme." [BLOCK, p. 271] In the mess, Fogerty also lost the rights to every song he wrote with the band. [BLOCK, A., p. 271]

In 1983, the group won a lawsuit of $1.5 million against Kanter for his part in the Creedence problems. The next year, recording again, Fogerty lyrics in his Centerfield album included obvious references to Zaentz that could certainly infer anti-Semitic overtones. He was described as a "little pig" who is "silent and quick / just like Oliver Twist." [BLOCK, A., p. 272-273]

More facts about the book and the author - When Victims Rule. A Critique of Jewish Pre-eminence in America.
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