January 5, 2014

Hyvä(?) syy uskoa tuonpuoleiseen

Niin kauan kuin on elämää, ei ole toivoa [Origo]


Riku Riemu said...

Uutiset kuitenkin kertovat Saul Zaentzilla nyt toivoa olevan: Vanz Kant Danz.

Rauno Rasanen said...

Jo oli aikakin.

Ironmistress said...

...but he'll steal your money, watch him or he'll rob you blind.

Miten tapauksesta Saul Zaentz tulee jotenkin mieleen Spinal Tap ja Polymer Records?

dudivie said...

It is creation, not labour, that is specific to human beings. The transformation of life force into labour force represses and inverts this aspiration for self-enjoyment that demands the combined creation of the world and individual destiny. A universe transformed by labour only achieves the modernity of its fundamental inhumanity because it implies the transformation of man into labourer, his negation as a living and desiring being. By basing emancipation on the collective management of the means of production, Marx and Engels turned liberty into the flag of universal oppression.